Monday, March 21, 2011

Snapshot- A Great Tool

I had never previously done a "snapshot" on my computer or for another class prior to being asked to create a snapshot of the Five Kingdoms quiz I took after we completed our expert and home group activities on the five kingdoms. However, after searching through google, I found out that the button "prt sc" on my pc keyboard enables that function if "alt" or "ctrl" is pressed prior. Then, by opening paint and copying the image, you can save and create a literal snapshot or picture of an image open on your desktop! Very neat! I will utilize this skill for years to come, and felt the need to share it. We are always learning!

The quiz was found to be on a great website (StudyJams), as well. Not only did it conclude the Five Kingdoms Jigsaw activity very well, but the website is now added to my "favorites" section due to the free quizzes and other activities it offers on its website for both math and science.

Therefore, here is my snapshot of the great Five Kingdoms quiz:

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