Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Science in the News Review

Hello all! I forgot to post the link to my article along with my review of it some time ago. So, here it is and enjoy!


This article from the NY Times is about scientists searching for a possible Earth-like planet amongst other solar systems. They are measuring its mass with a speical satelite that measures how much light the planet blocks from the star it is circling. Next, the need to discover if these suitably sized planets are within the appropriate distances from the stars they are circling. It truly is science-fiction brough to life! Imagine, finding potential life on another Earth-like planet!

I think it is certainly crucial to have students research and keep up with the current science issues occuring in our world today. Therefore, having students find a science article in the news, review and reflect upon it, and then share it with the class is a great way to not only expand students' scientific thinking about the world globally, but increase and enrich the class knowledge about current scientific news and issues.

Here is the link to my review of the article:

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