Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It's April! The first day of April it rained- surprise, surprise. However, at least it did not snow (a lot)! Besides, the rain we get in April leads to the beautiful flowers we see bloom in the spring time! So, I am willing to take a month of rain showers to see those beautiful flowers and warm weather once again. The large amounts of rain we get in March and April are helping the flowers and plant life grow and become nice and strong. Perhaps as a science activity or experiment my students could grow their own plants and see how the amount of water plants receive affect their growth and life. One plant could be given no water, another plant could receive too much water, and a third plant could be given just the right amount og water. To further or extend this experiment, the students could see how different types of soil affect the absorbance of water and nutrients plants need to grow. 

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