Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Recent Snowfall and Doves

This week I paid particular attention to the melting snow (yay) and ring neck doves. I work at a nature museum in Cornwall, and this past weekend we held an event to meet the doves at the museum! I actually own a dove, and so therefore, I figured I would write my nature observation about this.

First, I am very excited that the snow is finally melting! I have certainly had enough of all of this snow, and now only about 3 feet remains on the ground. Hopefully, we will not get any more! However, we will have to wait and see.

Doves are beautiful birds and are very friendly. Sky, my albino ring neck dove of 10 years, is gentle, quiet, and friendly. She coo's and loves to be held by people. She has recently been laying many eggs (not fertilized) and has been instinctively sitting on them for days. It is interesting yet sad to watch her care for these eggs that will never hatch. Dove eggs take about 14 days to hatch. They are not difficult to care for, as they eat simple seeds and require a cage. The morning dove is a common dove to be seen in this area, and their name is given due to the sad cooing sound they make. An interesting fact to know is that doves and pigeons are actually the same thing, but are just reffered to by different names. It is funny to think that they are looked upon so differently. Imagine, instead of saying "Dove" soap or "Dove" chocolate, we said "Pigeon" soap or "Pigeon" chocolate? It simply wouldn't be the same. Pigeons have always had the reputation as street birds, and doves have been looked upon as the symbol of peace and love.

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